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For almost two decades of writing poetry as a means of expressing my thoughts. I am unaware that I have written hundreds of poems and I have never imagined that I am this far in this unique type of writings. As years had passed I feel that I can’t make my life meaningful without poetry. I searched for poetry group to gain readers and listeners, and most of all a friend that I can cling on. I meet different types of people in this virtual world where passion is the same as mine. While interacting with this group of people an idea comes to mind of compiling these poems and have it available to reading public. I have spent number of days in thinking and finding title that will best describes my work. While reading and re-reading, revising and revising an idea comes from ether enter into my brain telling me that I have to name this first batch of compilation as WHISPER OF LIFE. In one instance of my life while I am alone in my home and the surrounding where in silence I can clearly hear the soft voices of the poems I have written and I finally called these voices as Whisper of Life.

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September 26, 2010 at 8:10 am


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Most of the times when my heart is occupied with boredom, anger, love and dislikes to a certain things or events I turn my self into writings of poem. Writing poetry serve as the river of my thoughts and emotions where I can freely says and express of what I have in mind. I feel relieve from pain every time I write a poem. This is also my other means of releasing the tension that linger in my heart, body and mind. Poetry is my keen listener and observer to almost all of my undertakings in life. Poetry uplifts me from the everyday hassles of life. Poetry is my honest and true companion in dealings with life challenges and adversaries.

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September 26, 2010 at 8:03 am

Poetry – The Benefit Of Writing a Poem From The Heart

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Writing a single poem is sometime very laborious or trouble-free depending on how the poet uses his wide and brilliant imagination. Oftentimes our minds are filled with great images but we are having a hard time converting it into a wonderful poem. Translating the image conceived by our inquisitive minds into a captivating verse requires deep focus for us to perfectly draw the overall appearance of the picture.

But there are instances that even if we see a vivid image in our mind we are still hindered by some unavoidable disturbances that we can’t even put a single line of poetic verse in describing what our brain has flawlessly visualized. This experience happens to every one of us; even those great poets suffer the same dilemma. But through constant employment of putting the image formed in our minds into verse we will surely hurdle this obstacle.

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September 9, 2010 at 10:37 am

Write a poem from the heart

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Writing a poem can be very hard or easy depending on the person’s perspective. Sometime our minds are filled with great picture that we developed into a wonderful or bad poem. Translating the quality of the image conceived in our mind into words requires deep focus. But there are still instances that even we see a clear picture in our mind we are still hindered by some unavoidable disturbances that we can’t even put a single line to describe what we conceived in our mind. These occurrences happened in every one of us because even those great poets suffer the same experience but through constant employment of putting the picture received by our minds into words we will surely unleashed its mystery.

To write poem to its best we have to write it from the heart. Poem written from the heart has the mixture of love, sincerity, and empathy. Transforming into poem the perceived object or stimulus you love or hate you must write it from the deepest part of your heart. Whether you are crafting a bad poem or poem that will remain in the pages of literature always speaks the truth and do not alter what your heart says.

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September 9, 2010 at 3:00 am

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There are some instances in a quiet moment of our life that we are in harmony with nature. Sometime we heard an extraordinary sounds created by the dancing grasses  which I referred to as music of the soul accompanied by the gentle clapping of the leaves .  Every filaments and unique vibration created by our brain while we are  with nature stays mutually in our being.  In one corner of our dwelling, we unreservedly noticed that our spirits  freely soar into the limitless sky, free from anxiety and disturbances. While we are accorded with nature’s beauty new episode of whatever form brings into existence, merriment and grandeur fever our heart and mind, and  I called this fragments  “Whispers”.

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August 31, 2010 at 5:45 am

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Why Poetry?

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Poetry is the anatomy of our soul and our link to unseen world. It is where beauty lies. Poetry is the source of our strength and happiness, the expression of our inner self, and the outlet of our emotions. Life without poetry is just like a dead stone but life surrounded with poetry is sweet, invigorating and full life.

Written by Sir G

August 30, 2010 at 7:04 am

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