Whisper of Life

written by Cesar Gealogo

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For almost two decades of writing poetry as a means of expressing my thoughts. I am unaware that I have written hundreds of poems and I have never imagined that I am this far in this unique type of writings. As years had passed I feel that I can’t make my life meaningful without poetry. I searched for poetry group to gain readers and listeners, and most of all a friend that I can cling on. I meet different types of people in this virtual world where passion is the same as mine. While interacting with this group of people an idea comes to mind of compiling these poems and have it available to reading public. I have spent number of days in thinking and finding title that will best describes my work. While reading and re-reading, revising and revising an idea comes from ether enter into my brain telling me that I have to name this first batch of compilation as WHISPER OF LIFE. In one instance of my life while I am alone in my home and the surrounding where in silence I can clearly hear the soft voices of the poems I have written and I finally called these voices as Whisper of Life.


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September 26, 2010 at 8:10 am


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There are some instances in a quiet moment of our life that we are in harmony with nature. Sometime we heard an extraordinary sounds created by the dancing grasses  which I referred to as music of the soul accompanied by the gentle clapping of the leaves .  Every filaments and unique vibration created by our brain while we are  with nature stays mutually in our being.  In one corner of our dwelling, we unreservedly noticed that our spirits  freely soar into the limitless sky, free from anxiety and disturbances. While we are accorded with nature’s beauty new episode of whatever form brings into existence, merriment and grandeur fever our heart and mind, and  I called this fragments  “Whispers”.

Written by Sir G

August 31, 2010 at 5:45 am

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Why read “Whisper of Life”?

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Why should I permit myself  reading the book: Whisper of Life?  Why giving a little of my precious time  in knowing the contents of the book?
These are just a few things and questions that linger in your mind as you stumble in this blog. The fact that you continue reading this blog is no coincidence, it is destiny that you were brought here for some purpose which is unknown to you and me but known to the Creator in heaven above. You are here because of some reason that needs to be fulfilled and you are here because you have a mission of spreading the message of this book to the world. You are here because this is the only bridge that will connect me to you. Allow yourself a chance to acquaint into the book’s content.
My ability to write poetry in language which is not mine is really an arduous task but I made it happened for the love of poetry and allow poetry lovers and readers of the world to see and read its content. Tell me what is in your mind and let’s join our hands together in broadcasting my words and your words. WHISPER OF LIFE says: TOUCH ME NOT OR READ ME NOT.

Written by Sir G

August 29, 2010 at 7:26 am

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Water Travel

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‘Waves! Big waves!’ a boy yelled.
Riding hide, the launch heaved and rolled,
engine shattering, its sound changing,
upon salty water we traveled.

‘Waves! Big waves!’ a lady shrieked,
captain’s compass lost unwanted,
passengers screaming, launch was wobbling,
upon salty water we traveled.

‘Waves! Big waves!’ an old man yelped,
brutal waves smashing,
anxious passengers, water overlapping,
upon salty water we traveled.

‘Waves! Big waves!’ we all squealed,
launch’s engine halted,
passengers’ life jackets distributed,
upon salty water we traveled.

‘Waves! Big waves!’ we all prayed,
passengers trembling, wetted and paled,
the launch arrived safe and sound,
upon salty water we traveled.

Everyone of us traveled each day, yet, traveling in an open and raging sea on board a motor launch is a different story, it’s full of thrill and excitement. If you have not experienced this kind of adventure, you can always try but you must think of your safety first before engaging into this kind of activity. The poem “Water Travel”  from the book entitled “Whisper of Life ” written by Cesar Gealogo is a true account of the author’s experience from his younger years while sailing from his native barrio Zaragoza going to City of Surigao. Water travel well let you experienced, enjoy and get the feel of what thrill and excitement is all about in voyaging the raging sea.

Written by Sir G

August 25, 2010 at 3:37 am

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