Whisper of Life

written by Cesar Gealogo

A Woman with Kind Heart

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Offering love and integrity,
and endless sympathy
to the poor and those suffering pain,
she consoles the weak and nurses the sick.

Kind heart and gentle hands,
she stood, she walked along the pleasant
and nasty days of everyday.

I respect and salute her,
with all my heart and mind.
Greatness and strong will,
she alleviates those hurt and injured.

Radiant love,
she cared for those bleeding men in the field.
She became the symbol and greatest icon
of this land of affliction and cruelty
I ever knew.

Now, beyond doubt,
I am praying and praising with reverence to her,
and to all things that she has righteously done with her life.

The preceding poem is an excerpt from the book: Whisper of Life

This poem was written on September of year 1997 while I was reading the pages of the history of the Filipino people. The poem has been revised many times and it was specially written as a gesture of respect and admiration to one of the bravest woman in the Philippines during the time where the Philippines were in the hands of the Spanish invader. Her name was Melchora Aquino, “The Mother of the Katipunan” better known as “Tandang Sora”,


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Poetry – The Benefit Of Writing a Poem From The Heart

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Painting The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins

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Writing a single poem is sometime very laborious or trouble-free depending on how the poet uses his wide and brilliant imagination. Oftentimes our minds are filled with great images but we are having a hard time converting it into a wonderful poem. Translating the image conceived by our inquisitive minds into a captivating verse requires deep focus for us to perfectly draw the overall appearance of the picture.

But there are instances that even if we see a vivid image in our mind we are still hindered by some unavoidable disturbances that we can’t even put a single line of poetic verse in describing what our brain has flawlessly visualized. This experience happens to every one of us; even those great poets suffer the same dilemma. But through constant employment of putting the image formed in our minds into verse we will surely hurdle this obstacle.

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Write a poem from the heart

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Writing a poem can be very hard or easy depending on the person’s perspective. Sometime our minds are filled with great picture that we developed into a wonderful or bad poem. Translating the quality of the image conceived in our mind into words requires deep focus. But there are still instances that even we see a clear picture in our mind we are still hindered by some unavoidable disturbances that we can’t even put a single line to describe what we conceived in our mind. These occurrences happened in every one of us because even those great poets suffer the same experience but through constant employment of putting the picture received by our minds into words we will surely unleashed its mystery.

To write poem to its best we have to write it from the heart. Poem written from the heart has the mixture of love, sincerity, and empathy. Transforming into poem the perceived object or stimulus you love or hate you must write it from the deepest part of your heart. Whether you are crafting a bad poem or poem that will remain in the pages of literature always speaks the truth and do not alter what your heart says.

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There are some instances in a quiet moment of our life that we are in harmony with nature. Sometime we heard an extraordinary sounds created by the dancing grasses  which I referred to as music of the soul accompanied by the gentle clapping of the leaves .  Every filaments and unique vibration created by our brain while we are  with nature stays mutually in our being.  In one corner of our dwelling, we unreservedly noticed that our spirits  freely soar into the limitless sky, free from anxiety and disturbances. While we are accorded with nature’s beauty new episode of whatever form brings into existence, merriment and grandeur fever our heart and mind, and  I called this fragments  “Whispers”.

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Why Poetry?

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Christine de Pizan

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Poetry is the anatomy of our soul and our link to unseen world. It is where beauty lies. Poetry is the source of our strength and happiness, the expression of our inner self, and the outlet of our emotions. Life without poetry is just like a dead stone but life surrounded with poetry is sweet, invigorating and full life.

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Why read “Whisper of Life”?

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Why should I permit myself  reading the book: Whisper of Life?  Why giving a little of my precious time  in knowing the contents of the book?
These are just a few things and questions that linger in your mind as you stumble in this blog. The fact that you continue reading this blog is no coincidence, it is destiny that you were brought here for some purpose which is unknown to you and me but known to the Creator in heaven above. You are here because of some reason that needs to be fulfilled and you are here because you have a mission of spreading the message of this book to the world. You are here because this is the only bridge that will connect me to you. Allow yourself a chance to acquaint into the book’s content.
My ability to write poetry in language which is not mine is really an arduous task but I made it happened for the love of poetry and allow poetry lovers and readers of the world to see and read its content. Tell me what is in your mind and let’s join our hands together in broadcasting my words and your words. WHISPER OF LIFE says: TOUCH ME NOT OR READ ME NOT.

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